We are happy that you have decide to use Desidime Merchant Hub, the next step is very simple. Merchant Hub Signup Once you have signed up, we will verify your details and if found eligible, we will approve your account and you will be ready to share your deals with our online shoppers.
All you have to do is sign in to your account and you will get different action buttons as below

To create or Manage a Store:

To Recharge Wallet:

To Create or Manage a Deal:

That's It!! Using these options, you can share your deals with the shopping community.
All the three are types of deals you can create. Featured is the most premium which appears on first on our home page, Popular deals appear in a special section dedicated for Popular Deals and Threads get published in our forums for all our users.
The charges depend on the type of deal you create. Once you login, visit the wallet recharge page to get the rates. You can recharge your wallet and we will deduct the amount every time you publish a deal.
No, as of now, we do not have any monthly plan for Merchants.
All the deals you create get tagged with your store which is displayed to the user from where a user knows the store he is shopping from.
For all the transactions, we will charge you from your merchant hub wallet. You can recharge your wallet anytime from wallet recharge page. If incase the payment fails anytime while recharging your wallet, you can redo the process to recharge the wallet.
To make sure that all your deals go in the right forum in a proper format, our moderators review it for any missing elements before it is published. We will only review your first 5 deals till you get a gist of Merchant hub.
Yes, you will be able to edit the deals only until it is published. Once approved and published, no changes can be made to a deal.
All your deals will be published on Desidime under Merchant Hub forum

Still have a query? Write to us on [email protected]